Green Tides Drop

Green Tides Drop

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Colour is our middle name...just joking!  But these beautiful malachite, sponge coral & dyed natural turquoise drops light up our life. Simple elegance, with an unusual combination of shape & colour, these semi-precious gems look amazing pieced together with beautiful solid sterling silver components.  Malachite is a stone of balance, abundance, manifestation and intention.  An extremely powerful metaphysical stone, Malachite is often called the “stone of transformation” and is used for deep energy cleansing, healing and develops positive energies within in the wearer. 


Green, teal, turquoise, orange & silver


23mm x 63mm


- Handcrafted ethically in Australia

- Please be aware that some colour, shape & pattern variations may occur with the natural stones in this style

Each pair of our earrings are gift wrapped with sustainable environmentally conscious tissue paper and placed in an Australian made recyclable card box to protect the earrings while not in use.

We also provide a satchel to store your Jewellery pieces that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and prevents tarnishing or corroding for up to 3 years. These satchels are state of the art technology from Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Company and do not contain charcoals, oils, or volatile corrosion inhibitors.  They are temperature and humidity independent and breaks down to a polymer dust in a landfill.

Intercept Technology™ anti-tarnish products are trusted by NASA, The British Royal Mint, The Guggenheim Museum, Raytheon, and major jewelry manufacturers around the world.

***Please be sure to slide open your satchels as you would when you use normal clip-lock bags, this will ensure they will not tear from pulling at them too hard.