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Product Care


Two Green Stones produces handcrafted Jewellery pieces consisting of mainly semi-precious & reconstituted stones, glass beads and metals such as Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil and Stainless Steel and also leathers.  On occasion we do use stones that are dyed or imitated.  Our Jewellery is constructed with great care by the hands of our employees, however you may notice slight variations in shape, size, pattern and colours.  These are natural characteristics of the materials we use and the way they are constructed.

It is important you recognize that our products are delicate and should be treated appropriately and worn in the correct circumstances.  If our Jewellery pieces are dropped, caught on obstacles, or mishandled, they may get damaged.  It is the wearer’s responsibility to use caution when wearing one of our pieces.  Also, take care when using body or face lotions, perfumes or foundations, as these may stain our products and make them discoloured or tarnished.  When wearing or storing our Jewellery please avoid any moisture.  If your purchase does become wet accidentally, please dry immediately, by dabbing gently with a soft clean absorbent cloth and leave to air dry before storing them.

A polishing cloth is provided with every piece please use this to keep any metals from tarnishing and also maintain the presentation of your purchase.  Sterling Silver pieces are clearly marked with a sticker for your clarification.  Please note Sterling Silver can tarnish easier than other metals, and it is also a soft, flexible metal so be sure to handle gently & polish it regularly.  We use only non-toxic glues on all our Jewellery pieces.


Leather is also used in our Jewellery pieces.  Leather is a natural product, which carries individual variations in colour and textures. Some leathers can soften with age and this is a natural characteristic.  We use a variety of leather hides including sheep, cow & goat.  Some leathers have special finishes or characteristics such as nappa (polished finish), suede, patent, printed, embossing and pebbling.

The best way to clean our Leather Jewellery is with a damp cloth.  However, it is important to dry the area as soon as possible.  You should not rub or scrub your Jewellery in a vigorous manner, but dab with a soft cloth on the soiled spot and absorb it if possible.  If the stain will not lift, we suggest you take the item to a leather goods repair store or a shoe repairer to find a suitable product to clean your item with.  Be aware that some chemical based cleaners may damage the coating or finish of the leather, so it is important you seek professional guidance before attempting to clean the item with any products.

As stated above, please take care when using body or face lotions, perfumes, tanning lotions or foundations, as these can stain our products and make them discoloured.  Two Green Stones cannot be held responsible for any items that are damaged due to the use of any products mentioned above.

Two Green Stones recommends storing any leather Jewellery pieces in a dust bag or away from dust and moisture.  Never store leather items in plastic for a prolonged period of time. When not in use, keep your leather Jewellery away from direct sunlight.  This will help prevent any sun bleaching or discolourations that may occur due to exposure to the sun.