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Moda Match Your Earrings To Your Mythological Symbol...

What symbol will match your individual identity and values?

Reaffirm your values and special bonds with an individually assigned pair of earrings which matches your mythological symbol.
We call it the Moda Match...the Mother-Daughter Match. 
Motherhood can ignite many things in a woman. We learn to cherish our feminine sides while loving more, learning more and giving more. 
It's time to celebrate one of the most special gifts shared between a mother and her daughter...that everlasting connection of love we share with each other. 
Answer a few simple questions to find out what symbolic meaning is suited to you and your special connection.  Each pair of earrings are symbolic of what characteristics best represent the essence of your relationship and what you want to seek more of, nurture and enhance.
Gifting or wearing your earrings is a way of celebrating the importance of your relationship. These positive vibrations will be released into the universe enabling you and your loved one to unearth those manifestations most sacred to you!